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In a world where time has turned around, perhaps ali3ns are showing us how the future can sound: to rock made with intelligence and integrity.

ali3ns simply rock.

ali3ns rock. No more labels. Music that is born from the energy that has always moved the bands that have listened and lived a lot of music together. Sometimes it’s anger, other times joy, or a certain nostalgia for old sounds, but the feeling that emerges in the songs is always fresh, honest and direct.

And paradoxically, it is this unpretentious approach that leads them not to be second-rate imitations of anyone.

ali3ns have a natural ability to create instantly accessible melodies and catchy tunes that ride on solid, impulsive rhythms while hitting and biting you with punches that are reminiscent of something familiar, yet totally original.

Without falling into absurd complexities, their lyrics usually tell stories based on everyday elements that are tinged with surrealist brushstrokes to let the listener’s imagination run wild.

This ali3ns spaceship was stranded somewhere on the Spanish Mediterranean coast, a place they took as home after a crash landing.

The crew is formed by Cheech Cortal, (voice and guitar) , M.A.L.P. (bass), F. “Animal” Wazinger (drums), and Diego Ali3n (keyboards and percussion).

ali3ns published music

Published music (chronologically)

“Just Landed” (EP, 2019)

ali3ns digitally issued their debut EP, Just landed, in 2019. The album is an example of music played absolutely straight, dynamic and tense and always entertaining, but without abusing the stereotypes of the genre. This takes ali3ns away from the usual clichés of rock: you won’t find endless solos and the band’s instrumental technique is always at the service of the songs.

It contains five sonic pills that move between the canonical rock pieces of Next train to the city or Lonely Jim, and the garage-like noise pop of Breathe or Precious Bitch.

Just Landed was recorded almost like a live album, letting the band attack the songs in take after take, and although the recording is not perfect from a technical point of view, it perfectly captures the spirit of the sessions.

The production is simple, balanced and perfectly suited to the style of the band. In all the songs, space is left for the voice to stand out and the guitars and melodies sound clear and strong, allowing the details to be appreciated. 

“Second coming” (EP, 2019)

Second Coming is the natural evolution of the band’s first EP. It sounds exactly as you would expect a real rock ‘n’ roll album to sound today, equally appealing to their influences and moving forward in a blatant nonconformity.

In a music scene where any garage band plays at becoming the new saviours of rock n roll with grandiloquent stagings and over productions, ali3ns keep to the raw, pure rock sound on this album while exploring the limits of their own style. 

Trumpetist (perhaps the band’s most complete song to date), or She (a Rock song with capital letters ), are two examples of hits built on powerful and repetitive rhythmic structures that get you inmediately out of your chair. Guitars and melodies manage to be original while strolling along paths already walked by others a thousand times.

I don’t wanna love you is an urgent call that moves between the post punk and the inspiration of the noise pop of the 90’s, and it is again a typical discharge of energy of the band: Simple and catchy.

In between is an elegant and up-vibed mid-tempo, which tells the story of the one who is always second best and is only allowed to love in those stolen moments.

“I’ m not dead” (single, 2020)

This song about standing up in front of hard times, opens with the beautiful galloping sound of a Hammond and the evoking quasi-martial drumming that will drive the song til the end, weaving a plot with voices and riffs.

The cheerful rhythm contrasts with the bitter aftertaste of a story of the everlasting loser who is able to rise again, used to being beaten by life and not giving up.

A shout of optimism and hope, but a shout at the end of the day

Right now (single, 2020)

Ali3ns’ latest single is also their most classic flavored tune. 

A song about the power of the now, about realizing the need to live in the present because it is the only real thing you can rely on.

A bittersweet in-crescendo ballad that mixes soft rock and psychedelia. Smooth guitar work and vocal flow to make you lay back and dream. Wonderfully addictive..

Other songs and contributions

Christmas time again (2020)
Well, even the toughest rockers sometimes get carried away by the Christmas spirit

I’m of fire (Bruce Springsteen cover, 2019) (link not available in some geographies)

A slightly less urgent, more relaxed and fun revision of this Boss clasic tune.


Ali3ns – Second Coming

Up and coming Alt Rock trailblazers ali3ns packed some serious charisma into their EP “Second Coming”. The perfect introduction to their enigmatic aural alchemy has to be the funky, bluesy track “In between”.
In between explores the full tonal palette with ease, sweeping across Old School blues licks before venturing over to cold Post Punk tones with plenty of funky melodious ingenuity for good measure. One thing which remains as a constant is the up-vibe intoxicatingly magnetic vocals which pour good vibes all over the experimental feat of Alt Rock.
It’s the kind of track you’d need a significant brain injury to forget. I feel like this exactly what Robert Smith would sound like if he took some happy pills and found an affinity for Funk.

Amelia Vandergast at

Ali3ns – Honeymoon (2021)

The honeymoon period of a relationship is full of happy memories that you can look back on later in life. The problem is that after this period, life as a couple can become routine with the colourful tones turning into greys. This is what Ali3ns is considering in their single ‘Honeymoon’ as they look at trying to keep the colours and energy of the honeymoon period.

This search comes from Cheech Cortal (vocals, guitar), M.A.L.P (bass), F. ‘Animal’ Wazinger (drums) and Diego Ali3ns (keys, percussion). With a punch of charisma, the band has you looking for colours in a soundscape of wonderful rock tones. With an ability to merge a range of genres and influences, they capture the nuances of life and bring them to your ears in the most engaging way.

‘Honeymoon’ hits you with a blended soundscape from the first moment. The melody is all sliding smoothness with a sultry undertone and some funky beats that have you moving to them. There is also an unbelievable richness to the music that washes over you. This has you sliding through the verses before you are picked up on a wave of rock-tinged tones for the chorus. The keys that come in on the verses have a great feeling to them that just adds this extra flavour to the music. The interplay between all the melodic elements is masterfully handled allowing each to shine while coming together for a solid soundscape.

The fusion sounds of the melody are enhanced by Cortal’s vocals which move through different vibes. There are some soulful vibes in the opening of the track that moves into a more indie rock vibe on the chorus. When the chorus hits, his performance turns again as his voice melds with the harmonising backings for a soaring feeling. This dynamic performance is wrapped around reflective lyrics that match the addictive movement of the single. This is an utterly infectious single that keeps you hooked from the very start to the last second.

If you are looking for a fresh sound that is unlike anything else you might hear right now, ‘Honeymoon’ by Ali3ns is what you need. The single fuses a range of genres and styles for a cohesive single that sinks into your bones. The masterful execution of this blending is wrapped around reflective and engaging lyrics that make you yearn for the colours of the start of a relationship.

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